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Fab.com Launches Junk Punch Boxed Set Sale!

The good people of Fab.com have curated some fabulous Junk Punch boxed sets. Check it out: the sale only lasts for 5 days...  http://fab.com/sale/21704/

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Valentine's Day - No Longer a "Hallmark holiday"

Cosmo Cosmopolitan Valentine's Day

  Cosmo takes a break from uncovering what men really think about women's hair to feature Junk Punch - "The Best Valentine's Day Cards Ever!"  Thanks ladies. We're so glad you like them.

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Well Said, Bob

"Nothing says you’re cheap and out of date more than sending a holiday e-card...Not everything is replaced by tech.  Some things are better in the real world. If you really care, send a physical card. And personalization always counts."  -Bob Lefsetz, Author, Blogger and Music Industry Pundit  www.lefsetz.com 

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Junk Punch Featured on The Tuesday Ten

Gift Guide Rosie Siman The Tuesday Ten

Rosie Siman, cultural curator, social media expert and editor of The Tuesday Ten, has chosen Junk Punch as one of her 10 holiday gift picks!   We love Rosie and not just because of her flawless taste and fabulous hot pink hair.  Click here to read her review and if you're feeling lucky, enter to win. Subscribe to Rosie's newsletter here and follow her on Twitter.     

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Welcome to Junk Punch!!!

 Hi muffins!! Thanks so much for visiting our site!   Please have a look around and let us know what you think.

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