We put the 'Sin' in Sincerely Yours
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About Us

Born from the desire to amuse, Junk Punch is an independently owned greeting card company in New York City that is committed to saying it the way you know you want to.  Happily irreverent while fulfilling 100% of your US Recommended Daily Allowance of Sass, Junk Punch doesn’t mince words and neither should you.

We wish we could say Junk Punch was formed due to a disenchantment for mainstream, cookie-cutter sentiment, but quite frankly, we’ve never been motivated to make the greeting card industry a better place.  But encouraging authentic, analog communication and raising a glass to saying what you mean?  Absolutely.  Reflecting upon the absurdities of pop culture while occasionally sticking it to stupidity?   Bring it.


All Junk Punch cards and envelopes are printed on recycled, FSC-certified paper. (Click here if you have no idea what that means - it's okay ).

All Junk Punch cards are printed on premium, 110-lb felt-finish paper, constructed using only FSC-certified stock, made from 30% minimum post-consumer recycled fibers. Matching envelopes are also FSC-certified, made from 100% post-consumer recycled fibers. Each Junk Punch card arrives individually cellophane wrapped for card protection with matching envelope.

Once we start making money, we might even consider donating some of our profits to a nice, environmentally friendly, non-polarizing cause.



Nikki “The Nootz” Hirsch, CEO - Chief Everything Officer
Nikki writes the card copy, runs the business, art directs and pretty much does everything that isn't related to actual illustration. She also makes minute rice in 45 seconds.


Amanda “Mandy Loves Candy” Lanzone, Illustrator Extraordinaire 
Amanda developed the design aesthetic for Junk Punch and illustrates all product imagery. She sees the world in pretty pixels and can draw the shit out of anything.





Additionally, Junk Punch maintains a small army of hired guns (lawyers, vendors and monkeys), but most of them prefer not to be named.  (Probably just in case this whole thing fails).


We do not accept any unsolicited card ideas, copy, or illustrations. But if you have some, you should totally start your own greeting card company.

What we do happily accept is fan mail, marketing inquiries, unpaid celebrity endorsements, press, and orders (even of the Wholesale variety).