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Assorted - Holiday Greatest Hits Boxed Set (8 cards)

Assorted - Holiday Greatest Hits Boxed Set (8 cards)


We're so glad you came... This is our hot new holiday item debuting in 2016.  The greatest hits boxed set contains 8 different cards, one of each from our holiday collection, along with 8 matching envelopes.  The set arrives wrapped in a durable clear box. Up your communication game this year, because nothing says "I don't give a shit about you" like sending a holiday email to 250 people on BCC.  Think about it.

Cards From Left to Right:

Front:  It's such a shame Jesus never got to celebrate Christmas.  Inside:  Happy Holidays.  
Front:  It's beginning to look a lot like... Inside:  Go fuck yourself.
Front:  Happy New Year. Inside:  Another 365 days of bullshit.  
Front:  How come nobody ever asks me what I want for Christmas?  Inside: Hope Santa brings you everything on your list. 
Front: (Champagne and handcuffs) Inside:  Nothing says Happy New Year like a fresh restraining order.
Front:  Have yourself a very Agnostic Christmas.  Inside:  And a secular New Year. 
Front:  Sorry, you lost me at Jewish carpenter.  Inside:  Happy whatever.
Front:  Happy Hanukkah.  Inside:  Jews do it better.    

Card Measurements:
L 6.25” W 4.50”

Materials:  110 lb recycled paper, premium felt finish, matching recycled envelope, FSC Certified

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